Leatherwood Lodge is located down a quiet country road in the Ozark Mountains.

Search for Leatherwood Lodge, Cozahome, AR on Google Maps. If you aren’t savvy with Google Maps, find your way to Cozahome, Arkansas.  There are no stores in Cozahome, Arkansas, so please come prepared with supplies prior to reaching this destination.  Start looking for the Leatherwood Lodge signs at the fork in the road just past the little white church you will pass on your right.   Turn right at the fork onto County Road 62 (you will go approximately 3.2 miles to the cabin drive from here).  While traveling on County Rd 62 you will cross a shallow, spring fed stream.  Go slow and steady through the creek.  Stay on the gravel road approximately 2 more miles.  You will see the Leatherwood Lodge sign on the left.  Turn left down the drive to get to the lodge.  You will travel on gravel roads for approximately 5 miles.  Four wheel drive is not required but trucks and SUV's are recommended.  Four wheel drive is necessary if you wish to drive down to the creek.